An intensive training where you learn various boxing and kicking techniques on a heavy bag without physical contact. During this training you work on a bag together with your partner. Extra attention is paid to the conditional and strength aspects of this beautiful martial art. By practicing different boxing and kicking combinations, a lot of attention is paid to the correct execution of these combinations. Would you like to go all out for a while? Then this is definitely a suitable lesson for you!


The difference with bag training is that here you work together with a partner. These lessons always have a different structure but always include a warm-up, technique part, strength and cardio exercises. We often use pads and steps/pads for these lessons to build different combinations with each other. Here you will also learn how to defend a punch or kick and how to quickly respond with a counter. Very educational lesson with which you will make rapid progress. It is a must that you already know the basic techniques of kickboxing. This lesson is not recommended for beginners. Sparring is voluntary, but wearing a mouthguard and hard shin guards is mandatory. Sparring is always supervised by a certified trainer and not aimed at the head. In our beautiful ring, people who want to spar can build up a very nice experience.


These kickboxing lessons are very suitable for real beginners. Let's start all over again and go back to basics. What are the punching techniques and kicking techniques, how do I stand, how do I regulate my breathing and how can I practice these at ease under the guidance of a certified instructor. This is the perfect lesson for you to do this... everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way... Don't be afraid... we all started some more! You can borrow gloves for this lesson... ask your instructor about this.