Boxing is more than just a sport. Boxing can contribute to society like no other sport. The individuality of the sport of boxing contains values that can contribute to the personal development of children, young people and adults. The practice of boxing stimulates the development of self-confidence, perseverance, resilience and mutual respect. The sport of boxing also fits in optimally with the experiences of many students and children. Boxing and raising children are a unique, inseparable combination.

Boxing Education* is not REAL boxing but it is a resilience program. The program offers various boxing games and boxing lessons that are used to answer the request for help. The boxing exercises offered expose the various triggers / challengers that can perhaps be linked to a basic emotion. By encouraging self-awareness and providing tools, boxing is used as a pedagogical tool to engage in conversation. The trainer provides tools and helps the students/children/participants to make the right choice by making concrete agreements. At the next follow-up training there is always a short moment of evaluation of how the transfer at home went in terms of the agreements made. What we experience and learn about ourselves in the room, we apply at home or at school.

The trainer on the Ready2Rumble location is the owner Karina Hamelynck. She is certified trainer for Boxing Education (Basic & Advanced)

The program can be offered individually, with family support or in groups. For individual or family coaching, please contact us and we will schedule an intake interview. We then plan 5 training sessions and an outtake. If desired, a refresher training will be scheduled approximately three months after our process.

Boksend Opvoeden is accredited and included in the 'Foundation for Vocational Training Quality Mark'. SKB has been responsible for assessing the quality and accreditation of psychosocial training and education for many years: 

More information about the resilience program: